More Stalker Cosplay: From Russia With Loathe

Some dudes in Russia got together to do some Stalker-style cosplay last month. This isn't the first time- they've done it before, and Kotaku had two articles that report on these previous outings.

I reckon this is pretty cool stuff. The nearest I've ever come to doing this sort of thing is when my brother, a friend, and I went and bought some authentic camouflaged jackets from some military surplus store. I think they were Yugoslavian or Czechoslovakian army issue. That jacket is still the warmest thing I have in winter.

The guy tried to rip us off too. He kept changing the prices of things all the time, and even though on the window of the place it had a sign that claimed they accepted Visa and Mastercard, they only took cash.

Still, I got the upper hand when I swapped my jacket for a better one in the back that would've undoubtedly cost more. lol

We got some camouflage pants too, and went out "hunting" with air rifles, shooting birds and anything else that moved, and usually missing, in this deserted place on the outskirts of the city, near where my brother worked for a while. I joked to my brother while we were out there that, "This feels like Stalker, don't you think?"

And wouldn't you know, when we got home, he asked if he could borrow Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl from me.

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