Finally Some Stalker News...A lot of News

Quite a fair bit of Call of Pripyat news lately.

Stalker: Call of Pripyat (some spell it as Prypyiat) now has a publisher in bitComposer Games. Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl had THQ, and Clear Sky had Deep Silver.

I don't know what the hell's up with joystiq- they claim that Namco Bandai is the publisher. The official site says it's bitComposer Games... neutral

Call of Pripyat, despite rumours and earlier reports, is a PC exclusive, and is set for a November 2009 release if all things go well. I'd say by the end of the year, maybe.

And, as I was just checking, a new trailer for Call of Pripyat has just been added to the downloads section on the main site. And there's some new Call of Pripyat screenshots as well. Cool! cool